Being Neglectful

I realize I’ve been neglecting this space and I need to put a stop to that, as well as not letting myself slip into old habits. I think I’ll be posting some of my fanfic work here as well, to keep this place going and to help motivate myself to post new things and work on my writing. Sorry for disappearing for a while.

On another note, I just started using Storium and it’s rather addicting. I’m currently part of two stories and now I’m contemplating narrating my own. :0 I kind of want to narrate a story from the world of the book I’m writing, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Boo.


Newsflash: the Firefly guys were villains

Now I need to rewatch this series with a different mindset. And what does it say about me that Jayne is my favorite? Oops.

Jay Kristoff - Literary Giant

firefly-wall-cast1 copy Hello droogs.

So. This started as an idle tweet a few days back and devolved into a drunken conversation in which me and a buddy both proved we’ve spent waaaaaaaay too much time watching Firefly. And I’ll preface this waaaaaaay too long blog post by stressing that I lurrrrrrrve the Firefly series and Serenity movie. I love them in the pants. Were I unwed, I would take my Collector’s Edition Boxed Set in a manly fashion.

…wait, ew.

I genuinely believe Firefly is the best thing Mr Whedon has ever given us, up against some stiff competition. So I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a Whedon hater or this comes from a place of anything but love for the dude’s work. I’m just a nerd who likes to spitball about this stuff. And while, like many of you, I’ve got nothing for lurrrrve for Firefly and the crew of…

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