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First Impressions

Setting: Dragon Age – During Inquisition (After the Arbor Wilds, but before the defeat of Corypheus) Canon-divergent
Characters: Telsin Mahariel, Zevran Arainai, Abelas
Pairing(s): Zevran&Mahariel, eventual AbelasxMahariel
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Warden Commander Mahariel decides it’s time to meet the Inquisitor, and maybe request some help in finding a cure for the Calling. On her way there, she runs into Abelas and the rest of the Sentinels from the Temple of Mythal.
Genre: Adventure, Smut
Warnings: Game-level Violence, Sexual Content
Word Count: ~5000
Chapter: 1/?

Alright, first chapter is done. There’s some “Antivan” near the end, which is just Google-translated Italian (which means it’s probably wrong), and I have a translation at the very end of the chapter; along with a translation of my attempt at Elven (courtesy of: Katie’s Best-Guess-At-Elvhen). Anyway, please enjoy. :3 This was originally posted on my writing Tumblr blog: Grymmtales.

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