Fallout 4, Fanfiction, Sole Survivor: Sawyer, Writing

Sawyer: First Time in Goodneighbor

Setting: Fallout 4
Characters: Sole Survivor, MacCready
Pairing(s): F!SS/MacCready (pre-relationship)
Rating: Teen
Summary: Sawyer deals with Finn in Goodneighbor and sort of meets the Mayor
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic, Action
Warnings: Canon Typical Violence, Canon Typical Swearing
Word Count: ~700
Chapter: 1/1

“I’m seriously sick of muties threatening to eat me,” Sawyer commented as she rolled a super mutant body over to get to the gun trapped underneath.

“It’s not even tha good kind o’ eatin’, neither,” Cait added.

Sawyer snorted and moved to the next body, pocketing caps and ammo. In no time at all she’d stripped her fallen enemies of anything useful, and even dug into a couple meat sacks when she noticed something shiny. Cait’s nose crinkled at the sight but Sawyer just shrugged as she wiped most of the blood off on a copper colored rag hanging at her waist. As long as she kept telling herself it was brahmin or radstag meat in those sacks she didn’t have a problem. Growing up working in a butcher shop had its benefits in the Commonwealth. Her grandfather probably hadn’t intended for that knowledge to apply in this sort of scenario, but there it was.

“C’mon, Goodneighbor’s right aroun’ tha corner.”

The last block or so to the entrance of Goodneighbor was blessedly clear. Neon lights had never seemed as warm and friendly as they did after a week on the road fighting just about everything under the irradiated sky. Before she could get very far past the entrance, though, a man stepped into her path.

“Hold up there. First time in Goodneighbor?” He asked, eyes skating up and down her figure. A self-assured smirk quirked at the edge of his mouth as he added, “Can’t go walking around without insurance.”

Sawyer snorted and coughed, attempting to hold back the full laugh that wanted to spill out. When his face contorted into offense she choked and let the laugh free, bending at the waist and holding her stomach as she laughed so hard tears gathered in her eyes. Each time she glanced up his face seemed to get more flushed with anger, which sent her into fresh peals of laughter, and the cycle continued. It felt like ages before she got herself under control enough to stand, arms crossed over her armor, smirking at him.

“I’m sorry,” she snorted again, though she coughed in an attempt to cover it up, “you were saying something about insurance?”

He floundered a bit before regaining his composure and that confident smirk slid back in place, “Yea, you wouldn’t want to have any ‘accidents’ during your visit, especially with that kinda attitude.”

“Hmmm,” she hummed, glancing back at Cait, “Did that sound like a threat to you?”

Cait grinned, “Sure did.”

“That’s a shame.”

Sawyer strode forward and caught the man by surprise with a right hook, snapping his head to the side and forcing him several steps backward.

“You fucking bit-”

She closed her hand around his neck and squeezed, silencing him. His eyes went wide and dilated with fear when she lifted him off the ground and pulled his face close to hers.

“Doesn’t look like I’m the one who needs insurance,” she hissed, throwing him to the ground as if he weighed nothing.

He coughed, clutching his neck, and tried to speak, “Hey, no,” another coughing fit, “no hard feelings, yea? Consider yourself fully paid up.”

“Finn, is that any way to treat someone new to Goodneighbor?”

When Finn’s eyes landed on the newcomer, a ghoul wearing a red Colonial uniform (What’s that about?), Sawyer could almost see his hackles raising. The ghoul just looked thoroughly amused, so she crossed her arms to watch the scene play out.

“Oi, mah money’s on tha Mayor,” Cait whispered to her, gesturing toward the ghoul.

“Well I won’t be betting against you,” she said.

Cait looked about to retort when the mayor pulled out a knife and ended the conversation for them.

“A bit dramatic, don’ ya think? One stab’d do it jus’ fine.”

Sawyer glanced over to see Cait’s mock can-you-believe-this-guy expression and fell into another fit of laughter. So maybe it wasn’t that funny, but she was running on fumes and couldn’t be bothered to care that she maybe sounded a little hysterical. It wasn’t nearly as long this time to get herself under control, but the ghoul was still standing there, looking increasingly more amused as the seconds ticked by.


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