Fallout 4, Fanfiction, Sole Survivor: Sawyer, Writing

Setting: Fallout 4
Characters: Sole Survivor, MacCready
Pairing(s): F!SS/MacCready (pre-relationship)
Rating: Teen
Summary: Just a drabble with a bit of murdering, swearing, and having fun in the wastes. There’s also a terrible pun.
Genre: Cute shit, Action
Warnings: Canon Typical Violence
Word Count: ~650
Chapter: 1/1

Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck. Sawyer dove around the stone wall, cringing at the chk chk chk chk of the turret sending bullets flying past her. There were definitely a few of those bullets that needed to be removed from her person, but she ignored them in favor of shoving a Stimpak into her leg, followed by one of her dwindling supply of Psycho. Her jaw snapped closed, head tipped back against the wall as she let the feeling of cold rage consume her until it was clawing its way out of her throat in a crazed war cry.

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Dragon Age, Fanfiction, Telsin Mahariel, Writing

First Impressions

Setting: Dragon Age – During Inquisition (After the Arbor Wilds, but before the defeat of Corypheus) Canon-divergent
Characters: Telsin Mahariel, Zevran Arainai, Abelas
Pairing(s): Zevran&Mahariel, eventual AbelasxMahariel
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Warden Commander Mahariel decides it’s time to meet the Inquisitor, and maybe request some help in finding a cure for the Calling. On her way there, she runs into Abelas and the rest of the Sentinels from the Temple of Mythal.
Genre: Adventure, Smut
Warnings: Game-level Violence
Word Count: ~5000
Chapter: 1/?

Alright, first chapter is done. There’s some “Antivan” near the end, which is just Google-translated Italian (which means it’s probably wrong), and I have a translation at the very end of the chapter; along with a translation of my attempt at Elven (courtesy of: Katie’s Best-Guess-At-Elvhen). Anyway, please enjoy. :3 This was originally posted on my writing Tumblr blog: Grymmtales.

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New Drawing Tablet


Just got my new drawing tablet last week, since my previous one finally bit the dust, and I’ve spent the last week working with different art programs to see what I like. I did this one in ArtRage Studio and I am loving the Oil Painting tool. This is Ria Stillwater, a character I’m playing on Storium. 🙂 She’s a child of Hermes, a la Percy Jackson books, and her abilities manifest through her tattoos.

Anyway, I’m still tweaking some things, like the piercings, but I’m super proud of this as it is so far so I thought I’d post it up here.


Being Neglectful

I realize I’ve been neglecting this space and I need to put a stop to that, as well as not letting myself slip into old habits. I think I’ll be posting some of my fanfic work here as well, to keep this place going and to help motivate myself to post new things and work on my writing. Sorry for disappearing for a while.

On another note, I just started using Storium and it’s rather addicting. I’m currently part of two stories and now I’m contemplating narrating my own. :0 I kind of want to narrate a story from the world of the book I’m writing, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Boo.

Forward To

Forward To: ‘Just a Girl’ by Erin Lindsey

“The very people decrying stereotypical portrayals of women are the ones [generalizing] about women, or the author’s attitudes about women, through the actions of a single female character.”

This post is really enlightening to the kinds of shit people tend to put female characters through (a set a vague criteria if you will) in order to make sure they’re a ‘good’ female character. It’s worth a read. Check it out here.


Flash Fiction Challenge: The Four Part Story [Part 3]

I’m a little late on this one, but life got in the way. Anyway, I went with the story Miranda by Henry, second part by CJ.


Part 1 (By Henry)

Dearest Charles,

It takes 31 separate steps to set up a proper party, or so Mother always said.  She spent so much time nattering on about how best to do this or that, I don’t know whether she realized that I tuned her out nearly every step of the way.  It wasn’t that I hated her, though I did a little at the time, it was just that there were always things that seemed more important for me to pay attention to.  I think she’d be pleased to know that I’ve come around these days, that I now treasure some of the things she tried so hard to drill into my head.  I’ve only really held onto the most important ones, I think, and a few of the ones that she repeated too many times for me to forget.  What, you ask, brings this to mind today?  The most important of my mother’s lessons: always have fall guys, always have alibis.  I really do think she’d be pleased by how much I’ve put that lesson to good use. Continue reading